A catalog of all current Library works can be downloaded as a .PDF here.

You too can borrow art!!

About the Lending Library

Beltway Public Works and Washington Project for the Arts have launched Lending Library, a circulating collection of artworks reflecting the eclectic work of DC area contemporary artists. The Lending Library makes art accessible across the city and to all residents of the beltway – providing the opportunity for anyone to participate in and learn about challenging, inventive artwork made by local artists.

Currently in its initial phase, the library contains paintings, sculptures, prints, videos, and mixed media pieces that are available for six month loans to registered borrowers. See the collection here. In addition, available artwork is currently exhibited at the WPA’s Shaw gallery.

Become a borrower

The first step is registration. Borrowing is free!
Note, while borrowing is free, we welcome donations or partnerships that allow us to build this initiative.

The goal of the Lending Library is to make art available to anyone who wants it. In our initial phase, however, our supply of available art is limited. At this time, we are prioritizing spaces/borrowers that can help us grow the project, including:

  • Public or semi-public
  • Help us reach new audiences
  • Increase the artwork’s potential for impact, through a connection to the artwork’s theme

Borrowing currently extends for a six month period – either fall or spring. Registered borrowers will be contacted with available artwork selections and additional procedural information 14 days prior to the start of each borrowing period. Registered borrowers who do not receive works now will be added to a waiting list for our next round of borrowing.

You can fill out the registration form HERE

For artists: Lend artwork

The Library welcomes expressions of interest from all DC area artists. The Beltway Public Works team will meet periodically to review new submissions and will contact artists with more information. The Lending Library will prioritize works that:

  • As a collection, reflect the diversity of artistic practices inside the Beltway
  • Are challenging and adventurous, with the potential to expand knowledge of less-recognized, experimental practices in the region
  • Reflect local connections to and variants of broader contemporary trends
  • Animate stories of local art and artists using works that are otherwise out of public circulation.
  • Support artists in reaching new audiences.

To lend an artwork, please click HERE

For additional information, including FAQs, please click HERE

Additional questions can be directed to: beltwaypublicworks@gmail.com