Members of Delicious Spectacle installing Calder Brannock’s DELICIOUS BUBBLE outside their former live/work rowhouse.

A collaboration of BPW and Art F City

Art F City is a non-profit publication that supports the creation of more sustainable artist-run projects through a mix of criticism, special projects and professional development opportunities. Our initiatives include an online publishing program, a project space and a diverse event program which serve to curate emerging practices, commission new art, and build IRL and online communities.  We believe culture makers function best with a supportive community. To that end, we’re working toward a more socially conscious art community by facilitating the sharing of ideas, resources, and skills.

Help write the history of DC’s artist-run spaces!

In conjunction with the September 2017 exhibition at Washington Project for the Arts, the DC-based cultural initiative Beltway Public Works and the NYC-based art blog Art F City are collaborating on a DC-region specific edition of We Are SO Not Getting the Security Deposit Back: A Guide to Defunct Artist-Run Spaces. A zine compiling responses from no-longer-extant spaces in greater DC area will published by Art F City and launched during the fall WPA exhibition.

Want to share your stories? 

Participating is simple! Fill out the questionnaire at this link. (Some of the questions include: Name of the space? Where was it located? How did the space come to be? How did the space function financially? Did the goals of the space change as time passed? What was your most memorable show? Are you still working on this, or a related project? … And, of course—did you get the security deposit back?)

By completing the questionnaire, you grant permission to Art F City and Beltway Public Works to include your response in a zine to be edited/published fall 2017, in collaboration with DC-based curator Blair Murphy. We will keep you posted about the release date of the project. Feel free to contact with questions.